company history

J MOORE SOLUTIONS (JMS) began operations June, 1981 as a privately held contingency placement firm working exclusively in the OIL & GAS arena. Much of the initial success of the organization was achieved as a result of a contract granted the Company by Aramco Services Company (i.e., the largest Oil Company in the world doing most of its business in Saudi Arabia). While competing with fifteen other Search Firms carefully chosen by Aramco as exclusive contractual sourcing firms, JMS emerged after the second year of operations as the number one provider of employees hired for placement in Saudi Arabia. The types of individuals placed were: Reservoir, Drilling, Workover, Maintenance, Process, Instrumentation, and Process Control Engineers, as well as Geologists and Geophysicists.

As a result of this early success with Aramco, the Company's reputation began to grow and Shell Oil Company likewise granted a similar contract for the placement of the same kind of professionals for their Saudi Arabian operations. Similarly, Amoco Production Company and Union Texas Petroleum Company followed Shell with contractual tenders to the Company for placement of Drilling/Workover Engineers in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Providing the company's versatility, JMS received a request from a Medical Company based in Macon, Georgia who desired the organization to recruit Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital Administrators for their Saudi Arabian affiliates. Without delay, the Company entered into an agreement with Charter Medical Company and successfully filled several of their medical requisitional needs.

In 1985 - 1986, the demand for personnel in the Oil & Gas market began to slow substantially, thus causing the Company to switch its emphasis to the recruitment of Computer Data Processing Professionals. This was a very pivotal change for the organization which secured the existence of the corporation even today. Most of the placements in this area were domestic and centered around individuals who had expertise with ADABAS and NATURAL. Fortunately, many different versions of this DataBase and 4GL language were produced which solidified the Company's growth in this arena thru 1994. The type of individuals recruited were: ProgrammerAnalysts, Sr. Programmer Analysts, Systems Analysts, Data Base Administrators, Systems Programmers, and Executive level personnel with similar backgrounds. Some of the major clients agreeing to work with the organization during this period were: U.S. Sprint, Telex Computer Corporation, Heritage Computer Corp., American Electric Power Company, Computer Marketing Services, Texas American Svcs., Martin-Marietta-Orlando Aerospace, S.C. Johnson, Systemhouse, Foremost Insurance Co., Siemens Public Switching Co., Colorado Interstate Gas Co., Kerr-McGee Corp., EG&G - Idaho, Data Serv. Corp., Weyerhaeuser Company, American Family Mutual, Birdsall-Inc., FBS-St. Paul, Jones Trucking Co., Mallinckrodt Medical-Inc., Gulf States Utilities Co., and Valero Mgmt. Company.

In 1995, JMS entered into an agreement with Texas Instruments, Inc. to recruit Design, Product, Test, and Application Engineers in the Semi-Conductor industry. As a result of this success, a similar agreement was consummated in 1996 with MICRO-CHIP Technology to recruit the same kind of professionals.

Additionally in 1995, JMS decided it was time to expand its search opportunities in the computer industry by extending its scope to include ERP solutions. Consequently, this too proved to be a very good and timely decision on behalf of the corporation in that it shared tremendous success placing ORACLE, BAAN, PEOPLESOFT, SAP, JD EDWARDS, and IFS professionals domestically. Some of the clients who received the benefit of the Company's search efforts were: Grant Thornton Consulting, Co., Wilson Solutions, Primesource-Inc., SE Technologies, Solutionbank-Inc., Technology Solutions Corporation, K.P.M.G., Deloitte & Touche, Andersen Consulting, and Federated Systems-Inc.

Beginning in 1998, several existing and new clients began requesting the company to include the recruitment of CRM, Data Warehouse, EDI, Business Inteligence, E-Commerce, Supply Chain to include i2, Manugistics, Siebel, Informatica, Business Opject, Cognos, Gentran, and Microsoft consultants as a major focus of its search efforts. Today, the list of technologies have grown exponentially.

In March 2000, JMS expanded its services in the Business Development and Sales arena. JMS provided highly qualified, viable leads that clients were able to obtain and close to expand their sales revenue and market share with minimal overhead expense and reduced sales cycle lead time. JMS identified and penetrated market niches for specific product and service offerings as an extension of existing sales and marketing departments.

In October 2000, JMS introduced its new Outsourced Recruiting Service to improved its clients' bottom-line by running their recruiting area more efficiently, reducing or eliminating the need for search firm fees and maximizing their investment in technology. JMS has expanded and contracted its staff as thier clients' needs change so they did not have to.

In July 2005, JMS launches its new Contractor Recruiting Service to assist Staffing firms in the search for independant contractors. The service has allowed consulting firms to experience better profit margins.

In August 2006, JMS expanded its recruiting services to the Healthcare industry targeting Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.