Our philosophy for the past twenty years is to customize searches to the specific needs of our clients. Far too often competitors spend inordinate amounts of time and resources networking and/or searching the internet in efforts to identify technical needs of clients. Results of this approach usually yield less than quality candidates or those whose technical requirements fall short of expectations. Having the ability to conduct searches based on the given needs of clients while retaining all parties' integrity is the foundation upon which we operate.


Not only is it important to know where to go to discover the best performers of a particular discipline, but it is of equal importance to place them in the proper setting. The most technically qualified individuals on paper may or may not be best suited to become a member of the teamwhich hires us to perform a search. Recognizing CHEMISTRY as a vital ingredient to the success of most companies is of paramount importance to us. In the event the personal or technical philosophy of an individual does not align itself with our clients' regardless of his qualifications, this type of candidate will not be a qualitative match for purposes of this recruitment effort.


Another intangible often overlooked in the search process is the "make-up" of the department or group in need of an additional employee. We find it to be imperative to blend the proper CLASS of individuals into the prospective working environment. To place an individual with a totally different persona in a setting opposite his would erode the fiber of the existing structure, thus impeding the progress of departmental goals.


Another essential element in this formula is CHARACTER. One must possess an intuitive ability to discern whether a potential candidate possess distinguishable qualities required by clients. It is the acquisition of this introspective quality which separates our organization from others. In sum, we seek individuals who possess character, not those who are characters. Thus, utilization of the Three-C theory usually yield results of reciprocating value to our candidates and our clients.


Qualified to conduct searches for highly skilled employees in all professional areas, we take pride in our ability to narrow our scope based on the request of our clients. We are willing to accept either contingency or contractual agreements based on the stipulated needs of clients. Our fees and warranties are fashioned to meet the guidelines of the respective corporation, thus allowing us to meet the request of clients at a cost unmatched by competitors.


The culture of our organization is predicated on our ability to recognize, define, and discern the technically qualitative candidates from those who are trained or academically technical. Our methodologies have been formulated and tested over twenty years of search activity, and have been proven to provide the tools necessary to accomplish or goals.